Icebloc promotional content

Play Play Play Play Previous Next We spent some time with Adrian an inventor from the UK to create promotional material for his new invention the Icebloc. We spent the day with him filming on location. To provide him with a few promotional videos and investor pitches to get his creation off the ground. A […]

Callmy UWE

We created this video in collaboration with the University of West England and Callmy Mass notification prior to their new academic year to provide an informative video to promote their new process of mass notification on their campus.  We spent the day on site filming interviews, traditional and aerial videography to provide UWE videos to […]

Pixated motion graphics short We created this short low cost animated short for Pixated a new and upcoming web design and social media creative. Looking for something different Pixated approached us with a short time frame and a limited budget.  Primarily to promote their new website and services on social media, We created something short, sweet and to […]

Welcome to Mitch’s Kitchen – brand promotional video

We worked closely with the co-founders of Mitch’s Kitchen to create an informative but fun video to introduce new and existing customers to their core values. We met up with Mitch and Shirin to talk about what they were aiming to provide through the promotional content and then worked with their ideas to create a […]