Welcome to Mitch’s Kitchen – brand promotional video

We worked closely with the co-founders of Mitch’s Kitchen to create an informative but fun video to introduce new and existing customers to their core values.

We met up with Mitch and Shirin to talk about what they were aiming to provide through the promotional content and then worked with their ideas to create a storyboard, Once a storyboard was completed we setup a full day to film Mitch in his favourite place – The Kitchen!

We took a creative approach to shooting Mitch create one of his favourite meals. We also sat down him to have an informative conversation as to what Mitch’s Kitchen means to him – and his passion was infectious!

We really enjoyed working with Mitch and Shirin, as it’s great to work with others that are so passionate about their journey, it makes it so easy to be creative and the end result shows how much fun, love and dedication the team at Mitch’s Kitchen have. 

Fancy trying out their range of meals go to https://mitchskitchen.co.uk/ Our favourite is definitely the rainbow sushi bowl – yum!

If you’re interested in creating stunning branding content that really your passion drop us an email hello@flitefilms.com or use the contact form below.



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