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Get a Better Angle

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We Flying drones

Flying drones is our passion, big drones, small drones, fast drones, drones that create amazing pictures, Chances are if it has rotors, We're going to love flying it!

Flitefilms was formed with that passion in mind and with the joy of creating eye catching media that makes our job of providing visual drone services and your experience really professional, enjoyable and easy!

But "What can you do?" We hear you ask..

Not only can we create epic images and videos (even though thats pretty cool).

We provide surveying for building and construction to provide a safe and clear image of hard to reach areas.

Our services also include creation of 2D and 3D mapping and the tools to analyse those maps.

for a more indepth understanding, take a look at our

Why Us?

  • All of our pilots are CAA approved and certified
  • We are fully insured
  • We are approved by the CAA for night flights
  • Video and photography editing suite available with experienced video editors
  • Our team has over 10 years of experience in the broadcast industry
  • We can provide a full video package for your event or project (Not just Drones, although if you hadn't of guessed WE LOVE DRONES!)
  • We are a small but dedicated team providing you with a tailored personal service

Our Services


Videography & Photography

Aerial videography and photography can be used for unlimited applications. Make your event that extra special with incredible drone footage or create immersive content to wow potential customers.

With over 10 years’ experience in the video industry, we can provide a full video production service from initial idea to final edit for your:

  • Commercial and Advertising content
  • Social Media
  • Events and Weddings

Get in touch to discuss how our aerial video and photo services could benefit your project.


Evaluate site conditions rapidly and with ease using aerial vision

  • Safely inspect hard to reach areas such as Roofing, chimneys, flues and building inspection by limiting risk factors.
  • Evaluate large scale sites in minutes with visuals from the sky.
  • Pre-evaluate sites before construction begins, with aerial photography to spot problems unseen from the ground
  • Live imagery as surveying takes place, be in control of what you see.
  • Savings in additional labour costs
  • Plant health & parasite detection
  • Land elevation drainage analysis


Aerial property imagery is an easy and cost-effective way to provide stunning and concise visuals for the property market, becoming increasingly popular with estate agents and private sellers, indicate the size of the land and show off the stunning views at a property with previously unattainable angles. We can even offer panoramic visuals for VR application.

Aerial photos and videos can be a professional yet simple way to target buyers.

We offer a full property package which includes internal and external edited images and videos optimized for online property services.


Easily create 2D & 3D high resolution, high density area maps with our drone mapping services.

With tried and tested tools our drones can create and analyse map data for all scale sites, including real-time measurements analysis, distance area and volume.



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