Callmy Instructional user video

callmy instructional icon

Callmy came to us asking a way to spice up their instructional videos that provide their users with information on how to use their online portals. We created consistent begining and ending slates while also creating engaging animations and voiceovers to enhance Callmys screen captures.  We have provided and continue to provide support to Callmys […]

Aerial showreel 2020

We thought it was time to update our aerial showreel – Aerial photos and videos is great for a lot of aspects of branding, promotional and construction.  Find out more about how drones can help you in our services

Covid 19 Update Videos

Covid 19 update videos This is me just doing a test to see how things workThis is me just doing a test to see how things workThis is me just doing a test to see how things workThis is me just doing a test to see how things workThis is me just doing a test […]

Property Virtual Tour

Residential virtual property tours are a perfect way to influence interest to potential property buyers, holiday home rentals, museum and point of interest advertisement, opposed to more traditional property promotion. Virtual tours allow you to engross viewers and to effectively draw your audience to stunning features.   Find out more about 360 virtual tours

Icebloc promotional content

Play Play Play Play Previous Next We spent some time with Adrian an inventor from the UK to create promotional material for his new invention the Icebloc. We spent the day with him filming on location. To provide him with a few promotional videos and investor pitches to get his creation off the ground. A […]

Mitchs Kitchen AR Filter

To promote their range of meals, We created this instgram AR filter for Mitch’s Kitchen, this randomly selected a meal for the user to try from the exciting range of ready meals created by Mitch and his team! The meals would appear above the head the user and on tap of the screen the range […]

Callmy UWE

We created this video in collaboration with the University of West England and Callmy Mass notification prior to their new academic year to provide an informative video to promote their new process of mass notification on their campus.  We spent the day on site filming interviews, traditional and aerial videography to provide UWE videos to […]