Videography and drones are our main passion for starting Flitefilms. There is something about videography that other mediums just can’t capture, The detail and information that can be portrayed in a video is like nothing else. 

Our passion for video helps fuel our ideas and our need to push our creative flow to build new and different content.

We are expririenced in the full video production process from initial idea, to storyboarding, fimling, editing and final product. In recent times we have mainly been providing video production services for businesses to bring their vision to reality – Now with social media at the forefront on most businesses we are always looking at new ways that videography can be used as a tool. 

With an artillery of professional grade gear and a fleet of drones, we are ready to take on your idea and help create visual tools to get your product, data, event or story out there! 

For a more persional event drive video project check out Weddings and Events!

Ready to soar...

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